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Fallen Angel

JaMit FX Fallen angel




Heavy riff (Les paul + Plexi)

Modern riff (Les paul + Plexi)

Solo (Les paul + Speaker emulator)

 Open strings (Les paul + Speaker emulator)

Price: 100€

Are you looking for a well-defined high-gain pedal with versatile sound? Let us introduce you to our Fallen Angel. This pedal is meant for all you Hard ‘n’ Heavy guys out there, that love the modern and high gain sounding guitars. Due to its TBM tone stack, the Fallen Angel becomes a real versatile beast. And that’s just one of the reasons we put the LED indicators in the skulls eyes.  

A lot of the hard-rock/metal distortion pedals we’ve played before were a bit too harsh with undefined bottom end on the other side. We solved these problems by implementing Stacks technology into a new and heavier distortion pedal. The Treble, Bass, Middle (TBM) tone controls made the pedal really versatile so you can get all sorts of sounds from it – from 80’s hair-metal, modern hard-rock to “ultra scooped” heavy metal sounds. The Presence control will balance the trebles even more.


The pedal internally boosts the supply voltage (9 Vdc) to increase the headroom and provides better bass response. This way it prevents “muddiness” even when the gain knob is turned up.  

Settings and Controls

VOLUME: Controls the amplitude of your guitar signal

GAIN: Controls the amount of distortion

TREBLE: Treble control

MID: Mid control

BASS: Basscontrol

PRESENCE: Presence control



  • - Input impedance: 1 MOhm
  • - True bypass
  • - "Center negative" power supply, 2.1 mm standard connector
  • - Supply voltage: 9 VDC
  • - Current consumption: 120 mA
  • - Size: 120 mm x 95 mm x 34 mm (standard 1590BB enclosure)
  • - Aluminium faceplate, handmade

More custom options:

If you want a custom designed faceplate (the handmade aluminium plate on top of the effect), we can make it for you as well. The price depends on the faceplate complexity.

Additional payment: from 10 - 30 €  


Custom Faceplate:

Click-less relay bypass: