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The Core Chorus

JaMit FX The Core chorus

JaMit FX The Core chorus


Price: 80€

Core – not your everyday chorus pedal. This little thing is extremely subtle and smooth sounding pedal. It’s one of those pedals for which you’d say “hey, it doesn’t do anything” , but once you switch it off, you’ll find that something’s missing in your sound..

The goal was to produce a subtle chorus pedal, that doesn’t color your main sound too much, but gives an extra dimension to your clean guitar tone. The thing gives good results on overdrive tones as well, so feel free to kick it in while you’re rocking as well. The MIX control blends in the dry signal, so you can mix the chorus to your main sound as little as you’d like.

Turning up the speed and depth controls makes this little guy sound like a good lesslie pedal. Turning the depth even further up, you’ll be able to achieve vibrato sounds. If you like walking on the edge – turn the depth all the way up for some “spaceish” vibrato tones.

Settings and Controls

DEPTH: Chorus intensity control

SPEED: Chorus speed control

MIX: Wet-dry mix control



  • - Input impedance: 1M Ohm
  • - True bypass
  • - "Center negative" power supply, 2.1 mm standard connector
  • - Supply voltage: from 9 - 18 V
  • - Current consumption: 80 mA
  • - Size: 112 mm x 61 mm x 31 mm (standard 1590B enclosure)
  • - Aluminium faceplates, handmade


More custom options:

If you want a custom designed faceplate (the handmade aluminium plate on top of the effect), we can make it for you as well. The price depends on the faceplate complexity.

Additional payment: from 10-30 €  


Custom Faceplate: