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Time Monster delay

JaMit FX Time Monster delay






Price: 80€

A super-sounding small delay pedal. This little guy is also digital on the inside, but due to its filtering system the delay sound feels really analog. Every repeat is colored really naturally to provide a warm and great sounding delay. 

If you’re looking for a great delay packed in a small package, check out this little box. With its simple controls, analog feel and a heavy attitude, the Time monster will improve your guitar sound and give you a new innovative approach. Turn up the Feedback control to push the delay in oscillation mode and enjoy the “freaky” side of it. The delay time can be set from 0 ms to 600 ms. This way you can get some smooth delay colorization, a cool “slapback” delay or even some “The Edge”-sounding stuff.  

Settings and Controls

DELAY: Controls the delay time

FEEDBACK: number of repeats (Turn up this knob to get the delay in oscillation mode)

DRY/WET The mix control (dry/wet)



  • - Input impedance: 1 MOhm
  • - True bypass
  • - "Center negative" supply, 2.1 mm connector
  • - Supply voltage: 9 V
  • - Current consumption: 80 mA
  • - Size: 112 mm x 61 mm x 31 mm (standard 1590B enclosure)
  • - Aluminium faceplate, Handmade

 More custom options:

If you want a custom designed faceplate (the handmade aluminium plate on top of the effect), we can make it for you as well. The price depends on the faceplate complexity.

Additional payment: from 10 - 30 €  


Time Monster options: