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Family Guy heahphone amplifier

Family guy headphone amp







Price: 85€

To get that great guitar tone from your 100 Watt tube amp it needs to get pretty loud, doesn't it? And although it’s worth a fortune, you can’t really play it at home while your wife and kids are asleep. Got a problem?  Here’s our solution – get a new family member. Say hello to the Family Guy – a quiet, but rockin’ as hell headphone amp..

Family guy is not just another buy-from-the-market headphone amp. With its built-in speaker simulator it produces great tones even when you plug in any of your favourite overdrive effects. You’ve most probably tried connecting your analog overdrive pedal directly to your sound card and got that squeaky and fuzzy tone that made you run of the room. This won’t happen with the Family guy. You’ll get a nice warm, amp-like overdrive that will inspire you for hours and hours. The headphone amp acts like a clean guitar amp, so it won’t color your pedal sound too much. Furthermore it has an AUX (stereo input) for you mp3 player, ipod or computer so you can play along with your favourite songs. The second cool thing about the unit is its Emulated line out, so you can easily record any new ideas while playing. The signal is taken directly from the speaker simulator so you can plug it in directly to your mixer, DI box or your sound card input.

If you don’t want to bother your family or roommates while playing, just connect your guitar to the Family guy and rock. Plug ’n’ Play.

One more thing – the overall sound depends on your headphones, so get a good pair. And when recording, use only the Line out to get the best possible sound.


Settings and controls

GUITAR LEVEL: guitar volume

AUX LEVEL: mp3 signal volume

LINE OUT LEVEL: emulated line out level

POWER: LED indicator

DC IN: power supply input (9 VDC, center negative)

HEADPHONES: izhod za slušalke (6,3 mm TRS jack)

LINE OUT (emulated): speaker simulator output

AUX INPUT: connect your mp3 player, iPod, computer here (3,5 mm TRS jack)

GUITAR INPUT: connect your guitar here


  • - Input impedance: 1 MOhm
    - "center negative" supply, 2,1mm jack
    - supply voltage: from 9 - 12 V
    - battery powered (optional)
    - speaker simulator
    - current consumption: 30 mA
    - Size:  120 mm x 95 mm x 34 mm
    - Aluminium faceplate, hand made


Additional features:

If you want a custom designed faceplate (the handmade aluminium plate on top of the effect), we can make it for you as well. The price depends on the faceplate complexity. 

Additional payment: from 10-30 € 


Custom Faceplate: