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JaMit FX Pedalboard

JaMit FX Pedalboard

JaMit FX Pedalboard

JaMit FX Pedalboard

Price: 100€ 

Got lots of pedals? Are you tired of connecting and disconnecting pedals for each and every gig? Want a light and compact designed board that looks great on stage? Let us introduce you to our pedalboard series.

We’re producing two types of pedalboards: - Aluminium designed boards and - LED illuminated Alu-plexy boards. You can choose different LED colors, so the board’s plexy front panel will glow in one of your favorite colors.

The standard version is build for carrying 8 to 10 effects and one power supply unit. It has two rows for placing pedals using strong hook and loop velcro tape. If you need a bigger (or smaller) board, we can make a custom board that will suite your needs. Check out the specifications bellow.




  • - Size: 55 cm x 37 cm
  • - Light weight aluminium construction
  • - LED plexy glass illumination (optional)
  • - Strong velcro tape
  • - Enough space for carrying 8-10 effects
  • - Easy to fit the Juice Ultra Light power supply underneath the board
  • - Aluminium faceplates, handmade


More custom options:

Standard Alu pedalboard + (The Juice ultra light power supply unit)

Additional payment: 50 €  

Standard Alu pedalboard + LED plexy illumination

Additional payment: 20 €

Standard Alu pedalboard + LED plexy illumination + (The Juice ultra light)

Additional payment: 60 €  


WANT MORE? - Custom designed pedalboard – contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional payment: from 30 € (e-mail us) 


Pedalboard type:

Custom Faceplate: