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The Juice light

JaMit FX The Juice light

Price: 80€

A compact, light weight and powerful switching power supply, that fits perfectly under your pedalboard. Just like his smaller brother – Juice Ultra Light, this one doesn’t use transformers as well, which means electromagnetic interaction with your wah-wahs inductor. In addition, the Juice Light has two isolated sections (two separated grounds) and is capable of providing 2000 mA of total current.  

We started building this power supply, because we like to put the power section under the pedalboard, so there’s still enough room for more pedals on the board. The next thing is – we love Wah pedals. And because the traditional power supplies use ferrite transformers for voltage transformation, there’s a lot of magnetic field around the power supply. If your wah pedal is located close to power section, you might get a lot of unwanted noise.

This won’t happen with Juice Light because it uses a modern high-frequency switching circuit for voltage transformation. The outputs are also regulated and filtered, so there’s no hum and noise. Juice Light has 8 outputs (4 outputs on one section). That means 6 regulated and filtered 9 Vdc outputs and two low current 18 Vdc outputs. The pedal is connected to 230 Vac power network by a standard euro connector.

Settings and Controls

220 V in: Power input - euro connector (230 Vac)

9 V: 9-volt outputs (center negative)

18 V: 18-volt outputs (center negative)



  • - Input voltage: 230 Vac (euro connector)
  • - "Center negative" outputs, 2.1 mm standard connector
  • - Max. current: 2000 mA (1000 mA per section)
  • - Size: standard 1590D enclosure
  • - Aluminium faceplates, handmade
  • - Optional: Buit-in LED driver output for your JaMit FX pedalboard illumination


More custom options:

If you want a custom designed faceplate (the handmade aluminium plate on top of the effect), we can make it for you as well. The price depends on the faceplate complexity.

Additional payment: from 10 - 30 €  

Low voltage 2.1 x 5.5 mm cables for powering your pedals

Additional payment: 1 €/cable

Euro power cable

Additional payment: 5 €/cable

Want more options?

Additional payment: Contact us.


Juice Light options: