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JaMit FX Faceboost

Price: 55€

Much more than just a super fine clean booster, that preserves your tone while boosting your solos with 35 dB.

Faceboost – a simple to use boost pedal with
35 dB gain, an ON/OFF switch and one volume knob. The unit can be also used as a good buffer for your long cables and pedalboards if you’re using a lot of truebypass pedals. Turn the volume knob all the way down and Faceboost will start acting as a buffer – no gain, just tone purification. The secret lies in its high input impedance that puts almost no load on your guitar pickups. Your tone will stay bright and punchy even if your pedalboard is a bit bigger. It depends on your amp whether it performs better before the preamp or in the FX loop – test it, give it a go and find out what suits your taste.



Settings and Controls

VOLUME: Controls the amplitude of your guitar signal

ON / OFF: Bypass switch




  • - Input impedance: 10M
  • - True bypass
  • - "Center negative" power supply, 2.1 mm standard connector
  • - Supply voltage: from 9 V
  • - Current consumption: 10 mA
  • - Buffering option
  • - Size: 112 mm x 61 mm x 31 mm (standard 1590B enclosure)
  • - Aluminium faceplates, handmade


More custom options:

If you want a custom designed faceplate (the handmade aluminium plate on top of the effect), we can make it for you as well. The price depends on the faceplate complexity.

Additional payment: from 10 - 30 €  


Custom Faceplate:

Click-less relay bypass: