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General Terms and Conditions

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Company profile:

JAMIT, Jalen Štremfelj s.p.
Ob jezu 2
4224 Gorenja vas
VAT ID: 27911667
Reg. Number : 6139426000

Bank account: SI56 0436 1011 3782 943
Bank: NKBM


General terms and conditions

The General Terms and Conditions are established in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot).The following General Terms and Conditions of Business (hereinafter referred to as "General Terms and Conditions") shall apply to any and all purchase orders placed with and contracts awarded to JAMIT, Jalen Stremfelj s.p. (hereinafter referred to as "JAMIT"). Any oral agreements or deviating terms and conditions shall be binding only if expressly acknowledged by JAMIT in writing. This shall apply in particular if a customer makes reference to their own purchase conditions or to other sets of rules.


JAMIT, Jalen Stremfelj s.p., Ob jezu 2, 4224 Gorenja vas, Slovenija, Europe


The actual pricelist is available on our website All prices are subject to change without warning. Prices may not always be accurate or updated. All prices are defined and can be changed only by a special agreement (promotional discounts, major purchases, etc) between JAMIT and the specific customer.



2.1. The prices are defined in the pro forma invoice previously sent to the customer. All price list deviations can be made by a special contract agreement between JAMIT and the specific customer. All prices are in EUR. The 22 % VAT is already taken into account. All documents are made according to the Slovenian legislation.


Ordering procedure:

3.1. Orders can be made via our e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., via modern communication paths (social networks…) or via our contact form. Out marketing crew will check the order and contact you to confirm or change your order.


4.1 Your order
As soon as the customer finishes his purchase (confirms his order), he can cancel or redefine his order within the next 24 hours. After 24 hours any changes are treated as re-processing procedure and will be billed according to the valid pricelist. The customer can always be informed about the his order status and content.

4.2. We received your order
If the customer doesn’t cancel (or redefines) his order, the seller inspects the new order, checks the component availability and confirms or declines the order. If the delivery time is more than 20 days the seller informs the customer about the delay. JAMIT staff can also contact the customer due to personal information validation.

4.3. Order completed
As soon as the order is completed, JAMIT informs the customer about the order status and shipping details. The shipping costs are paid by the customer. It is also possible to collect the products directly at the head office or at any other agreed site (call us according to our work schedule).



5.1. All reservations are disclosed due to an agreement with the JAMIT contact person.


6.1. All offers are made according to your offer requests.
6.2. If the offer expires it can be extended. All offer changes are written in the new document.

Offer validity period 

Apply to the purchase price at the time of order confirmation. All prices are expressed in Euro and include VAT. Prices are subject to change without notice. Pictures posted on the website or in other publications may only be symbolic and do not always reflect the real situation.


7.1. For any supply of goods subject to prior payments made to a giro account JAMIT, Jalen Štremfelj sp, except otherwise stated in the contract
7.2. By signing the delivery note the buyer confirms receipt of goods. Invoice document is a delivery receipt, if it is signed by the buyer. In case of sending the product by mail delivery documents shall be considered as confirmation of the shipment.
7.3. Delivery by JAMIT, Jalen Štremfelj s.p. is also possible. Charges are made by prior agreement with the customer according to delivery service price list. The shipment is made by post or courier service.
Personal commitment is possible at the company JAMIT, Jalen Štremfelj s.p. by prior arrangement with the provider. The takeover is also outside the headquarters by prior arrangement

7.5. Goods are supplied packed, rolled and uninsured at the expense and risk of the purchaser.
7.6. Partial deliveries are possible in agreement with the customer.


8.1. Cash in Advance.
8.2. Payment on account.
8.3. Payment delay.
8.4.100% free advance,

or as otherwise specified in the contract.



9.1. All delivered goods remain until full payment of the property of JAMIT, Jalen Štremfelj s.p.


10.1. Invoices are issued on the basis of an offer or agreement.
10.2. Prices on the invoice are made according to the price list on the date of supply.
10.3. The customer gets the pro forma invoice as he receives the goods.

All documents, budgets, contracts, invoices are sent to the customer in electronic and / or paper copy  and one paper and / or computerized form is kept at the company JAMIT, Jalen Štremfelj s.p. Access to documents held in the company JAMIT, Jalen Štremfelj s.p. is possible on the basis of an agreement with the Director of JAMIT, Jalen Štremfelj s.p. company. All documents, budgets, contracts, invoices are written in Slovenian language, except in cases where a customer expresses a wish that the document is written in a foreign language or in international cooperation.



For cancellation of the contract subject to the general conditions and applicable legal provisions of returning the goods. For the return of goods, the provisions of 43th Article Consumer Protection Act, which provides:

"For contracts concluded at a distance, the consumer has the right to inform the seller in 15 days by mail to cancel the contract without being required to give a reason for its decision. It is considered that the message is timely if the letter was posted by the deadline. This period starts the day following delivery of the goods. "

The purchaser shall be entitled to fifteen (15) days after the return purchased goods without any compensation. However, the buyer is obliged to bear the costs incurred in returning the item purchased. The intention to return must be notified to the provider in writing, no later than 8 days from receipt of goods, either by post or contact e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the goods must be returned within 14 days after the sending of the notice of resignation. Return of goods received within 14 days after receiving prior written notice shall also be considered for the assignment of the purchase. Items must be unused, undamaged and in original packaging, accompanied by a copy of the invoice. Return does not apply to supplies in the event that the original package is damaged, or the safety seal removed / damaged. The provider returns the entire purchase price within 15 days from receipt of the returned goods.

The buyer has no right to cancel the contract in the following cases:

- For contracts relating to goods or services whose value depends on the developments in the financial markets in which the company has no influence,

- In cases where the goods were produced under strict instructions of the consumer, which has been adapted to his needs, which by its nature is not eligible for reimbursement (eg, made to order).

11.1 The conversion process and return
In case that the consumer has already received the goods, and withdraws from the contract, the goods must be returned intact and in the same quantity within 14 days of the notification referred to in the preceding paragraph, unless the goods are damaged, corrupted, lost, or its quantity is reduced without customers fault. As contract withdrawal shall also be considered if the consumer returns the goods within 14 days of receipt. The customer pays the cost of goods withdrawal.

11.2. The procedure for recovery of the purchase price

Company JAMIT, Jalen Štremfelj obligated to recover any payments made by the withdrawer customer. The money is returned as soon as possible, but no later than 15 days after receipt of the withdrawal notification.


12.1. Company JAMIT, Jalen Štremfelj s.p. is required to monitor and promptly resolve all claims submitted by the customer.

Deadline for repair or error elimination is 45 days from the date on which the issuer of the warrant or authorized service received a request for a free product defect or fault elimination.

Only in the case where the manufacturer at this time does not resolve the error the consumer free of charge replaces the product with an equivalent new product.

In case that the specific goods are not to be replaced with the same (it is no longer in stock / no longer available ), the customer and seller agree to, be exchanged for goods which value and quality meets promotions . Deadline for solving a complaint is 45 days.

12.2. Warranty repair or replacements are made by the service supplier at the head office. The claimed goods can be sent by the buyers at their own expense. Costs of materials, spare parts, labor, transportation and any costs incurred in removing defects or in replacing the product with a new one under warranty are paid by the seller.

The above rules do not interfere with the rules on the liability of the seller for defects stuff.



13.1. Company JAMIT, Jalen Štremfelj s.p. gives the purchaser the option of renting and / or testing if the customer is in any doubt about the correctness of his choice, compatibility or when buying a completely new product.

13.2. Goods rental and / or testing of the customer can be obtained only by agreement with the seller. The goods can be tested for a maximum of 5 working days, unless otherwise agreed.

13.3. When the customer gets the goods he inspects the merchandise for any damages and signs the “Edition reverse” documentation.

13.4. All goods must be returned to the seller JAMIT, Jalen Štremfelj s.p. flawless, intact, with complete and undamaged packaging, and all other accessories.

13.5. In case that the buyer unduly delays in returning the goods, or returns incomplete package, the buyer commits to purchase goods hired. The buyer retains the goods in his possession, the company JAMIT, Jalen Štremfelj s.p. issues an invoice for the goods .

All the necessary information  will be sent to the buyer if they are not already reflected in the document " Terms and Conditions ".

- The name and place of business,

- The essential characteristics of the goods or services, including the minimum term of the contract if the contract is permanent or recurring fulfillment,

- The price of goods or services including all taxes and other charges,

- Any shipping costs

- Detailed arrangements for payment and the manner and time of delivery or performance,

- A description of the right of withdrawal in accordance with Article 43 of ZVPot , in cases where the consumer has in compliance with 43th Article Consumer Protection Act no right of withdrawal, should be expressly informed

- Costs associated with the use of means of communication, if they are different from the usual basic tariff which the consumer usually pays,

- Validity of the tender, especially the price.


Security of data transmission and the policy of protection of personal data:

All information provided by the customer to the company JAMIT , Jalen Štremfelj s.p., will be used only  for internal use and will not be disclosed to any third party or any other company except with the consent of the customer. E-mail addresses are also not to be used for sending “spam" messages. Any update notification e-mails will be sent only in agreement with the customer.

14.1. Dealings with business partners and customers are made according to the terms and conditions set out in the "General Terms and Conditions” unless otherwise specified in the contract. Different arrangements without the written document will not be valid.

14.2. Each business partner or customer can request a copy of the "General Terms" in writing. The conditions are published on the website Business partners can always request a new copy. Excuses that the buyer did not know the “General Terms and Conditions" do not count.

14.3. Disagreements or disputes arising from the interpretation or implementation of the “General Terms" will be solved amicably. In case that no agreement can be reached, the competent court in Ljubljana takes the case.

14.4. "General Terms and Conditions” shall take effect immediately upon receipt or as they are published on the website

We declare that we are not taxable and are not liable to pay value added tax according to the 94th Article of the Law on Value Added Tax.